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!! दुर्लभं भारते जन्म मानुष्यं तत्र दुर्लभम् !!
मनुष्यों के लिए भारत में जन्म लेना सबसे दुर्लभ है। भाग्यशाली है जिन्होंने भारत में जन्म लिया ।
!! कालाय तस्मै नमः, कालेन समौषधम् !!
समय सबसे बेहतर मरहम लगाने वाला है ।
!! नास्ति सत्यसमो धर्मः !!
सत्य के बराबर कोई दूसरा धर्म नहीं ।

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Indian Astrology is known as a “Jyotish Shastra” and the word “Jyoti “ means Light, Fire, The Sun, Nakshtra, and the Centre of eye ball from which we can see or calculate the movement of past, future and the present of all God's creatures. We know that our soul is the representation of “Sun” and our Man is the representation of the “Moon” and every aspect of life is affected by the Sun, Moon and all other moving planets. Jyotish is the eye of “Vedas” and solely depends up on the below mentioned Veda’s principles:
  1. All the universe within the “Pind”
  2. If existence of the things are not available then these are not borne.
In that sense, the science which is related with the planets and its respective energy produces their effects directly to GOD’s creatures and our plant movements & related things. I started my career as an Electrical Engineer started Astrology and Numerologist Consultancy 15 years ago. During this period I provided Astro consultancy services to various people ranging from High profile corporate officials, Business class and Society people belonging to different blocks of the society, who took astrological and numerological advices and shown their satisfaction and shared their appreciation for the Astrological and Vaastu guidance. One can contact me for “Jyotish Margdarshan” and questions regarding personal life, marriage & love life, job & business related issues, education, match-making, compatibility calculations, legal problems, family bonding and many other problems.


"The purpose of Astrology, if taken in right spirits, is to motivate the person to achieve the target set by the Astrologer as he has overall expertise and high IQ to recommend the best future of the person. Mrityunjay Shukla is a remarkable Astrologer he is consulted by Businessmen from all over the world through his website and mobile."
Shri Dr. Anand Khare PhD, England, Former Prof. IISc Bangalore
"Sh. Mrityunjay Shukla is a renowned astrologer and popular in social circle for his humble and supportive nature. Accuracy of his asrological calculation & prediction is remarkable. I am a witness of effectiveness of the remedies suggested by him during adverse time. It is nice to hear that the "Astrocom" a astrology portal is launched by a highly knowledgeable astrologer like you. I wish for success in all endeavours of your life....May God Bless Shukla Ji......"
Shri Hemdatt Sharma Faridabad, Haryana
"Yes I do agree, Shri Mrityunjay Shukla Ji having deep understanding of Jyotish Shastra and & his prediction shows accuracy on scale. May God Bless You Shukla Ji.."
Shri Arvind Jain Ghaziabad, UP
"Mr. Shukla has sound knowledge of Astrology. His consultation has really helped me a lot. Highly recommended."
Shri Rakesh Vijayan Ambala, Punjab
"Getting the consultancy from Mr Shukla of Aadidev Astrocom since 8 years, He is having the thorough knowledge and giving the almost accurate predictions…. Best of Luck Mr. Shukla."
Shri Vinayak Mittal Patna, Bihar
"I’ve been consulting Pt. Mrityunjay Shukla for over 10 years. When I met Shukla ji first time he was absolutely unlike other astrologers. I like his practical approach – a blend of science and astrology, That allows him to patiently listen to your problems and suggest a most practical solution. In my experience all his predictions have hold true. I hope that more and more people get to benefit from his knowledge & experience."
Shri Meghesh Awasthi Seattle, United Sates
"Heartfelt and grateful thanks to Mr Shukla for helping me achieve one of the precious gift of parenthood. I would owe this to this strong belief , determination and passion."
Manish Kanodia Gurugram(HR)
"I have known Mrityunjay Shukla for the last 20 years, since we both did our undergraduate degree in engineering together. Mrityunjay has always been a keen scholar, whether in engineering or Vedic sciences. He has not only achieved great heights in his professional career but has also evolved and developed into an excellent exponent of all forms of Astrology. He provides Astro consultation for people of all walks of life including professionals, influential personalities and celebrities. The predictions of Pt. Shukla are most accurate and can have life changing effects I wish him all the best!"
Alok Shankar Gurugram(HR)

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