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Annual Prediction - Year 2022

General:CY-2022 will begin with a new feeling for the Aries ascendants. They will achieve success and be able to compensate for their losses of past years by putting intelligent and silent effort for recovering it. Religious expenses will increase and people will also be inclined towards spirituality. They may get awards / recognition from royal people / Govt. authority. Govt. employees will get benefits and all other needs to put their best for scoring the highest level. They will be able to travel far away.
Health: Ascendant has to take health related precautions and should be regularly checked for Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Kidney and Air Disorder. The person should also take appropriate measures to avoid the influence of external forces.
Business and Property:This year, Naïve will try his/her best to prove his/her selfishness with his/her secret tips and will also achieve success according to time. There should not be a need to take too much risk in matters related to land and building.
Family:Ascendant will confirm their quality time to family members and receive good news from family members. The naïve will try to solve family disputes by resorting to completely secret tips. New opportunities for auspicious works will be created.

  • Offer new / used clothes especially blankets to needy people.
  • Visit Hanuman Temple on every Tuesday and donate red lentils with Sweats to Hanuman Ji temple on every Tuesday and start reciting Hanuman Chalisa on a daily basis.
  • Onyx & Tiger stone will provide good support to control health and maintain the immunity system as well as develop new opportunities.
  • Planting and nurturing 5 nos. Pipal plants will be fruitful.

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General:Calendar year 2021 will be lucky and joyful for the naïve. Ascendant will be able to accomplish his/her work through hard work and secret tips. The naïve will get a lot of profit and fame in CY-2022. In adverse circumstances, the person will be able to make a special impression on the enemies and will get victory over the obstacles. Correct use of your time and resolving minor problems patiently will help to move forward. Enjoy the time ahead and maintain concentration.
Health:Ascendant need to take all the precautions from ineffectual diseases, eyes related diseases and appropriate measures to avoid the influence of external forces. Ascendant will take proper precaution and get health related checks done on time in between March22 and June 22, there will be need to be careful from ambush and mental anxiety etc.
Wealth & Property:Land will get full pleasure of property, acquisition of newly built / built property can also be done in the first quarter of the year. The sums of purchase and sale will be made in which the person can make a deal of any old land / property and make an investment for new land.
Family:Ascendant will get the support of family members in the coming times and there will also be an anthem of mangal-dhun in the family. There will be chances of prioritizing time bound requirements to meet the family members. Ascendant will receive the good news from children.

  • Chanting Rahu Dev mantras every day will also be auspicious and wearing of Onyx will also be beneficial.
  • Worship of Hanuman Ji and recitation of Hanuman Chalisa will be beneficial.
  • Worship of lord Shani will be appropriate for matters related to land building and offering mustard oil lamps under the pipal tree on Saturday will be beneficial.

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General:CY-2022 will prove to be of mixed results for Gemini ascendants. The naïve will have to face new challenges from time to time and will have to work hard for that. Stressful situations may have to be faced on daily business and employment related subjects, so by working calmly and with concentration, there will be hope of success, and the naïve will not back down in making the desired efforts to achieve it. Naïve will have the benefit of compatibility of time between April22 and June 22.
Health:Health related problems will persist throughout the year and diseases related with the stomach, kidney and secret diseases will also be necessary. Naïve will have to take regularity in the health check up of himself and spouse. Keeping in view the past experience, it will be necessary to take precautions regarding the transitions in CY-2022.
Wealth & Property:Naïve will take support of secret tips and with the help of it, efforts will be made to bring money and there will be a possibility of profit by investing in the property with proper thinking. The naïve can decide to buy a new property by selling the old one and can become financially capable.
Family:There will be opportunities for singing in the family. There will be happiness in the family. Concerns related to children will remain naturally and attention will have to be given to related subjects and will take care of their problems responsibly.

  • Naïve should plant the Triveni according to appropriate muhurta and at the right time.
  • Daily praise of Shanidev and Hanuman Ji and donation of black sesame and black urad in front of the pipal tree on each Saturday will be beneficial.
  • Worshiping of Ganpati Ji on every Wednesday will be beneficial.

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General:Cancerian Naïve are especially feeling the pressure for the last few months and they will find him/her free from an unusual confusion after the first quarter of CY-2022 but there will be concern about the family, parents and chances of relocation. Some special crises will be made, but measures taken with patience and calmness will help in normalizing the situation. Naïve will feel some relaxed third quarter onward and conditions will seem somewhat favorable and opportunities for attainment of prospect, happiness and wealth will start being created. Traveling shown in the card and possibly the naïve can also get the pleasure of traveling abroad.
Health:Uncertain obstruction and mental pressure can affect health, avoid infection and adopt a regular lifestyle. Peace in mental instability and taking proper precautions against virus infection will be beneficial. Frustration and worry reduce the physical immunity, so the person should take care of him/her. Abandonment of liquor and alcoholic drinks would be best.
Business and Property:CY-2022 will be fruitful for the native. Investment-related risk should not be taken in the first half, but in the latter the conditions will be relatively favorable and there will be a change in the state of mind of the person. New investment and new programs will be launched in the second half of the CY-2022 and simultaneously new ways of progress can be paved.
Family:In the coming time, the changed planetary position will cause a massive change in the family background of the naïve and in situations of frequent change of location, worry about parents and depression, do the work with patience and calmness. Success will be possible after hard work. There is also the possibility of creating auspicious occasions and Shubh-Mangal sound. Shubh-Mangal sound will give a feeling of happiness.

  • Naïve should put a lamp of pure ghee in the morning and evening in front of the deity or picture of Maa Laxmi, Ganesha and Maa Saraswati.
  • Naïve should regularly recite Lord Ganpati Storta and worship Lord Ganpati Dev regularly.
  • On every Wednesday, go to the Lord Ganesha temple and offer Durva and red flowers and distribute Imarti / Jalebi among the poor.
  • Naïve should wear Cat eyes (After guidance of Astrologer) on the right hand little finger. And planting Neem tree on Wednesday will be beneficial.

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General:CY-2022 will be full of good news for the Leo naïve but the naive will also have to face the problems related with the Bhagya in the coming time. Ascendant will be able to make the circumstances in his favor with hard work. First half of the year will create health & dominance related issues but all these will settle down in the second half of the year and the naïve will become more stronger financially in the second half of the CY-2022 and recover all the previous losses which had been faced by the naïve. The native will use his/her skills to earn profit in job and political situations. They will be able to register success in competitive examinations and higher studies.
Health:Naïve has to keep him / her away from alcohol and eating of non-vegetarian foods as well as follow all the proper guidelines for protection from infectious diseases, otherwise some problems may arise. Everything else will continue to be managed efficiently.
Business and Property:Naïve will find good news regarding the growth in business and employment if they are in the service sector. CY -2022 will prove to be a milestone for the naïve, in which the person will be able to fully compensate for his loss, as well as earn money and meet the related expenses. Opportunities for growth will be created in land and building. Success will also be achieved in achieving fame which they have lost in previous years.
Family:The naïve will be close to his loved ones except for a few middle months and will also get his/her own support. Concerns related to children will remain, as well as necessary decisions will have to be taken. There will be no fear of age and ambush etc. There will be improvement in work even in opposite times.

  • Worshiping Shri Vishnu Sahastranama, Vishnu Sukta will be useful and beneficial.
  • Offer jiggery and roli mixed water to Adhitya Narayan on daily morning.
  • Naïve should wear Ruby stone in the ring figure of the right hand for boosting confidence and internal energy level.

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General: CY-2022 will start with gradual development and the extra pressure of external power that the naïve is feeling from the past years will gradually reduce and new paths of growth, development and old glory will be created. The desired opportunities for recovery will start to be created, but due to the planet's transitions people have to be aware of fear, age related problems and disorders. The naïve will face difficulties and challenges with the help of cleverness. secret tips with his/her courage and skill, the possibilities of getting special promotions to the native and allowing the use of privileges will be strengthened. Sometimes, suddenly the crisis in front of the naïve will deepen, but the appropriate remedy with commitment for the naïve will get the opportunity to enjoy the pleasures of materiality and splendor. The attainment of new paths of progress after special crises will also make the native adorned with special achievements. Inequality in daily expenses will continue to bother, there will be obstacles in the field of income and expenses will be possible in religious rituals and good work
Health:It will be necessary to pay attention to safety and disciplined routine from infection, it will be beneficial to take care of safety and caution from injuries and sudden crises. Care must also be taken in heart related diseases. Naïve will have to keep a normal diet and normal lifestyle as well as give priority to regular check up, regular exercise and yoga. At the time of mental instability and deviation, do the work by remaining calm and restrained.
Business and Property:The next year will usher in a new and new morning and the old blockages and incompleteness will be recorded in history. In CY-2022, Naïve may have to face some confusion due to the disputes of old property, but they will also get permanent solutions and will also get the right over the old property. The naïve will be successful in increasing his/her assets and will revive the stalled speech of money. Ascendant does not want to unturned any stone.
Family:From the child's side, you will get a pleasant result, excellent behavior and the melodious sound of the anthem will be broadcast in the family. There will be no reduction in power and will achieve respect and fame in society.

  • Chanting Ganapati mantra, Vishnu sahtranam and Laxmi Suktam will be beneficial for prosperity.
  • Helping poor and needy persons, Donation of food grains and green grass to birds and animals will be beneficial.
  • Naïve is advised to wear Onyx and Emerald gems and regular worship of Maa Durga, Lord Ganesha and Lord Shiva will provide compatibility.

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General:CY-2022 will prove to be a transformative year for the naives. The beginning of the year will be good as a result of planetary transformation and also get full results of hard work. Old stalled works will accelerate, with the arrival of money and gains, enthusiasm and hope will continue to flow. Necessary changes and innovations will give impetus to the process of renewal. Naïve will get fame, honor, respect and prestige. Such a person will continue to demonstrate courage by suppressing his/her hidden weakness. The naïve will be able to keep a special influence on enemies but in daily life, situations of struggle are created and due to ideological conflict, the crisis of adverse conditions arise, but due to special tips, the people will be able to establish their influence.
Health:Mental instability, fear, agitation, abdominal disorders, lung related infections, and specific susceptibility to external infections, the naïve should handle the responsibilities with due care. Dissatisfaction in mutual relationships and the tension caused due to it will create unhappiness. Naïve should take proper medical guidance and take necessary precautions about the spouse's health also.
Business and Property: The time to come for employment and business will be favorable. Due to dissatisfaction / opinion differences with friends and seniors there may be interruption in the work, but the pace of the work will not be interrupted. New avenues of development will be created. Naïve can take the decision related to land, building and share market can be taken after proper consultation, time will be favorable.
Family:The naïve will have to maintain a calm relationship with all family members, the time will be unfavorable and the possibility of disputes will be strong. Chances of auspicious events will also be created and opportunities for singing of auspicious sound will also be created.

  • Worshiping of Lord Shiva will be beneficial and offering black sesame seeds to Lord Shiva will be beneficial.
  • It is advisable to wear a gold ring in the ring finger of the left hand, as well as the naïve and his / her spouse will also be advised to wear a silver ring or pendant.
  • Donations of mustard oil lamps, urad, sesame and iron material and worship of Shani / Bhairav dev will be effective.
  • Giving bread to black dogs and the sum of attainment of the desired.

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General:The year will start with a positive outlook and will be able to execute the action plans with zeal and confidence to quickly complete the damage caused by the effects of the epidemic. The CY-2022 to come will bring a special economic package as much as possible help will be received from the state side/paternal side, along with the passage of time, new sources of money will be available and new doors of success will also open with the increase of luck. The naive can invest in the stock market and real estate after proper consultation to strengthen his/her financial capability. The person can make up for the losses incurred in the previous year and will try to establish his/her business and employment again by starting afresh and will also get success in work. The completion of your ambition is also the sum of happiness. Necessary expenditure will be incurred on pilgrimage and visits to higher education.
Health:The naïve should take necessary measures to avoid external infection. Proper consultation related to urinary disorders, Air disorders and diabetes should be taken as well as treatment should be done. Care must also be taken in heart related diseases. There should be no need to panic due to mental restlessness.
Business and Property:Ascendant will get good response on his / her investment and if these are related to real estate or relevant then they may recover their previous losses and plan for a new set up. The outcomes of their efforts will be seen in the second half of the year. Peace and harmony will reflect good responses in a year.
Family:It would be appropriate to take the problems of the child side and their health seriously. It will be good to maintain peace in the family, take decisions with the consent of all. There will be opportunities for the naïve to travel abroad or travel far. Playing of Shehnai can be done due to auspicious work in the family.

  • Naïve is advised to wear Coral gems and regular worship of Hanuman Ji will provide compatibility.
  • On Tuesday, Hanuman Ji philosophy and offerings will be a growth factor in the distribution effect.
  • Regular worship of Goddess Bhagwati and Lord Shri Ganesha will be beneficial.

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General:CY 2022 will be full of achievements for the people of Sagittarius sign and the native will efficiently try to strengthen his/her financial position and will achieve success in it. The person will get good news related to land, building, children, as well as there will be opportunities for progress in the state side but there will be a need to control expenses. The person will get the benefit of age and archeology, but distance from siblings and relatives will remain. New investment opportunities will be created and the person will also be able to take advantage of the opportunities. The loss incurred in the past years will be compensated this year. The effect of Saturn's Sade Satti will be heavy for the year and the benefits related to it will be received in the form of double bang. Fortunately, the person will be able to overcome the obstacles coming in the work through hard work. There will be a good chance of fulfillment of political ambition and attainment of new office
Health:The naive must take proper precautions related to infection and should consult experts from time to time. It will be necessary for the naive to get proper remedy for problems related to waist, heart diseases, urinary infections, problems related to knees and feet. It will also be necessary to take full care of the health of the Spouse and they will also need proper counseling to get rid of mental depression and depression, abdominal and lung related problems. It will be necessary to pay due attention to immunity and prevention of infection.
Business and Property:CY 2022 will be an important year for the native, in which the person will be able to get his old property and will also be able to make hard efforts to get money. The native will be able to get reasonable returns on investments made with proper consultation. Time is also appropriate for investment in land, building and real estate, but it will be very important to check before investing.
Family:There will be a lack of warmth in the family relations with the brother, sister and family of the naïve in between May22 and July '22, you will have to face the problems related to children and by taking meaningful decisions, efforts will have to be made to remove the related problem completely. There will be an atmosphere of happiness in the family regarding Manglik festival. Maintain peace in the home and do the tasks with the consent of the family, which will be the progress factor.

  • The person is advised to regularly recite Kunjika Stotra and a rosary of Navarna Mantra.
  • It will be beneficial to help the poor / destitute persons.
  • On each Pradosh, the naive along with his family should anoint Lord Shiva with milk and sugarcane juice and complete the worship by offering Bilva leaves, black til to Lord Shiva.
  • Wearing topaz gemstones will be beneficial for the person.

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General:CY-2022 is going to be full of pleasant and good news for the people of Capricorn, the person will be the recipient of prestige, self-respect and will get the happiness of family. Effective opportunities will be created to earn respect and new success in the state. There will be a fair opportunity to complete the work which is stalled in favor of employment and business, but the person will also have to face the special crises arising from time to time and the person will also try to complete it with secret tips and outside help. Tension will remain built regarding agricultural land and care will have to be taken regarding mother and property related works. The atmosphere of regular mental anxiety, sadness and restlessness and delay in work can create tension, which also has to be resolved peacefully. Traveling due to job / business reasons or for higher studies may be possible which will be fruitful but expensive. The receipt of good news and mangal gaan may be possible this year. All these activities will increase the expenses which need to be taken care of.
Health:The person should take appropriate measures related to infection. Appropriate consultation should be sought for treatment of abdominal disorders, lung infections, mental instability and orthopedics. Spouses should be taken care of from air disorders and kidney and urinary diseases, infections. Control of potential expenses may be possible due to appropriate measures.
Business and Property:Current transit and changed transit will signify success in employment and business for the native. Old losses will be compensated and for those who are associated with industrial units, it will also bring a special opportunity in which the person will get help from the banking system. The person will try to get his work done cleverly from the enemies and can also be successful.
Family:Family The person will get family happiness but distance will be created from brother and sister. Chanting of Mangal songs will be made in the family. Spouse's erratic behavior and cordial behavior between the family will continue to deteriorate. Spouse will feel the extra pressure mentally. Conditions in time will move towards favorability.

  • Offer milk mixed water to Lord Shiva on every Monday and donate eatables in the temple.
  • Chanting of Hanuman Chalisa and Saturday fast will be useful for the naïve.
  • Naïve should go to Bhairav Ji Temple every Saturday and offer proper Prasad and keep feeding bread /roti to the dogs.
  • Praise Lord Ganesha daily.

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General:CY 2022 will bring new gifts of success for the people of Aquarius zodiac and the old stalled works will again be able to form a system of works with new energy, enthusiasm and new technology. The people will be able to make their full impact on the enemies as well as by making the works dynamic and effective; they will achieve success in making new records with new parameters. The native will also get the benefit of auspicious opportunities. Due to material resources and interior decoration, it will be possible to increase the expenditure load. Old money will be received. With the increase of fortune and effort, opportunities will be created to increase immovable property and buy new undertakings and vehicles etc. Opportunities to travel to distant regions/countries and their benefits will be visible. Social background and energetic personality will be able to lead the society.
Health:The naive should take proper precautions against infection. Bone, nerve related problems, piles and air disorders, rheumatism related to proper consultation and keep moving forward with caution, should not hesitate to take appropriate measures for the effect of external power. Regular check-up of the health of the spouse and taking precautions related to infection will be required.
Business and Property:Remarkable success will be marked in the field of employment and business. Borrowing will be achieved and due to hard work and effort, it will also be possible to compensate for the loss in work. Invest in land related matters after proper consultation, otherwise there may be loss. The old property and the pending case related to it will be resolved and the powers that create the dispute will be defeated.
Family:Due to family disagreement, harmony with siblings will be reduced, as well as the possibility of auspicious events in the family will also increase. It is possible to get good news from the child's side. In the last months of the year, the possibility of getting a big event and honor will be strong.

  • Worship of Lord Shiva and Goddess Kali will create remarkable chances of progress.
  • Chanting of Sunderland and Bajrang Baan on Saturday and Tuesday will be fruitful.
  • Planting of pipal and fruit plants will be beneficial.
  • Offer blankets to needy people and sesame, udad, and till to pipal and Shani dev on Saturday evening..

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General:The native will start CY 2022 with an impressive lifestyle and will get full benefit of age and archeology. For the person, there will be continuity in the gains made from the past years, but there will be ups and downs in the matters related to property and business growth, which will cause stress and unhappiness, complaints about speech defects and physical health, will also remain. The effect of the person on the enemy side will remain, as well as the worries related to children will also disturb. The person will have to go with family harmony because the harmony of the person with the family will not be good. One has to be careful from the crises that arise in a timely manner and the native's friends will not like the behavior of the native. Litigation matters. disputes and tensions will increase regarding matters related to banking and taxation, but the person will progress on the path of progress and there will be opportunities to decide new responsibilities by distributing the work.
Health: There will be a hope of being aware of the health of the person, but proper measures will be necessary for infection and related problems. Do not be careless about disorders related to waist, back and knees. Accidentally taken decisions will be a loss factor; caution in vehicles injuries can cause physical pain. etc.
Business and Property:Full help of luck and intelligence will prove to be helpful in the growth of business and will also make efforts for the native to achieve new heights with diligence. In the field of employment: You will get the charge of new projects and responsibilities and the person will also try to complete it efficiently, there will be obstacles in the arrival of money.
Family:Family dissatisfaction will also come to the fore and some old issues related to children will continue to be present for consideration. Spouse will continue to get along and auspicious events in the family, marriage programs will also be possible. Concerns will arise regarding the health of the mother, as well as there may be a possibility of discrepancies in the family regarding property.

  • Planting, rearing and hari bhakti of banana trees on Thursday will be beneficial.
  • Offering food to the cowries and proper donation will be a special fruit.
  • On Saturday it would be good to donate mixed water mixed with milk to the pipal and feed the dog.

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