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Annual Prediction - Year 2021

General: In CY-2021, Aries people should review the works with full patience and courage then plan for execution / implementation. Ascendants will get the success and achievements after putting proper attention and hard work. They may get awards / recognition from royal people / Govt. for their innovations after facing some barriers. Govt. employees will get benefits and all other needs to put their best for scoring the highest level.
Health: They may face health issues due to backache, shoulder & waist related issues in the first quarter of the CY and acidity, hypertension and medicine side effects in the third and four quarter of the year.
Business and Property: In post covid’19 session, Ascendant need to maintain their running business / job status and avoid expansion & extra responsibilities at the work front. They may purchase new property after selling their existing assets.
Family: Ascendant will confirm their quality time to family members and receive good news from family members too.

  • Offer new / used clothes to needy people.
  • Visit Hanuman Temple on every Tuesday and donate Red flower with Sweats to Hanuman Ji temple on every Tuesday and start reciting Hanuman Chalisa on a daily basis.
  • Red coral & Cat eyes will provide good support to control health and maintain the immune system as well as develop new opportunities.

General: Calendar year 2021 will prove to be progressive for the zodiac, they may ensure their presence in new areas, new exploration and innovative experiments will create new opportunities in the professional fields and there are signs of tremendous increase in productivity. Correct use of your time and resolving minor problems patiently will give you time to move forward. Enjoy the time ahead and maintain concentration.
Health: Ascendant need to take all the precautions from ineffectual diseases and give special attention to their dieting habits i.e. control the uses of salt, Fatty diet and avoid outside foods. They may face heart related problems.
Business and Property: Land will get full pleasure of property, acquisition of newly built / built property can also be done, there is no time to worry about money and work, but it is time to emphasize productivity.
Family: No need to be more emotional at home, family and close friends, respecting them and you have to maintain your mental balance and resolve all the issues with practical thinking. Children related issues need to be taken care of.

  • Donate flour and rise every Friday to needy women.
  • Feed the fish and donate milk / milk related products in Laxminarayan temple will be beneficial.
  • Chanting Rahu Dev mantras every day will also be auspicious.

General: The year 2021 will prove to be a transformative year and the restlessness of fixing some new measurement penalties by discarding the old stability, official non-cooperation and increasing responsibilities will lead to the creation of some new equations. Emptiness and superficial life can give rise to a new vacuum, so paying attention to the progress of family will be helpful in keeping it close to the real.
Health: Health related problems will persist throughout the year and diseases related bones and eyes will need to be given proper attention, maintain mental balance in the middle of the year and use water properly.
Business and property: Creating good opportunities produces the sum of growth in your property and you will be able to assess your money, land and property related matters. Ascendant stalled work will likely be completed at the end of the year.
Family: Potential differences with family and close, but happy news will also create an atmosphere of happiness. Ascendant will be able to give time for children and will take care of their problems responsibly.

  • Donate food items to cows on a daily basis.
  • Donate Bananas and Yellow sweats every Thursday in Laxminarayan temple will be beneficial.
  • Chanting Shani Dev mantras every day will also be auspicious.

General: The year 2021 will prove to be particularly struggling, economically restless, but the use of intelligence skills and the proper & positive use of ancestral land, agricultural income and money exchange opportunities will prove helpful in planning the circumstances. Changes in the work area are possible and travelling with family will provide peace in unrest and restlessness. Keep to maintain focus and concentration.
Health: Uncertain obstruction and mental pressure can affect heath, avoid infection and adopt regular lifestyle. Abandonment of liquor and alcoholic drinks would be best.
Business and Property: Thinking over land, property and decision, thinking too much dependency will not be right. There may be the possibility of new launches. New investment and new programs will be launched. New way of progress can be paved.
Family: The atmosphere in the family will remain peaceful and supportive; the elderly will remain enthusiastic with guidance and related work. Good news will be expected.

  • Offer water to thirsty people.
  • Visit Hanuman Temple every Tuesday and Saturday and start reciting Hanuman Chalisa on a daily basis. Sunderkand path on every Tuesday and Saturday will generate good effects.
  • Offer milk mixed water every morning to lord Shiva and complete anoint process.

Leo :
General: In the beginning of the year, there will be an excess of labor and there will be an excess of expenses, the trend will also increase in religious work. The expectation of getting benefits in completing tasks at the level of self-decision will increase. The transit of Guru in Aquarius will provide favorable opportunities & benefits for differences and valor with women, brothers & sisters, the benefit of time compatibility will be possible from September’2020.The native will use his/her skills to earn profit in job and political situations. Due to religious migration and promotion, the possibility of travel will be strong. You will be able to register success in competitive examinations and higher studies.
Health: Focus on immunity and immunity related programs. Maintain a disciplined lifestyle & avoid being the member of small / large groups. Cholesterol, Blood Sugar, Heart related issues need to be taken on priority. Abandonment of liquor and alcoholic drinks would be best.
Business and Property: This year will be pleasant and progressive for land and property. There is the possibility of getting special respect from society and getting benefits from the work done. New investment will produce financial resonance which will lead the future progress path.
Family: The happiness of children and the fulfillment of manglik work in the family will be possible.

  • Worshiping Shri Vishnu Sahastranama, Vishnu Sukta will be useful and beneficial.
  • Offer water to Adhitya Narayan on a daily morning.
  • Chanting of Hanuman Chalisa / Sunderkand will provide relaxation and produce effective energy for completing the task.

General: The naïve should maintain co-operation and continuity with seniors / colleagues and by keeping in touch with the senior officials they may get desired success/ progress & promotion in business / job if they may not be let loose in his/her efforts. By utilizing it they may be able to attain old wealth and wealth will be opened and the attainment of the much awaited success will be created. Lucky cooperation will be helpful in achieving the specific place in the society and in the implementation of the work with new innovations. The attainment of new paths of progress after special crises will also make the native adorned with special achievements. Inequality in daily expenses will continue to bother, there will be obstacles in the field of income and expenses will be possible in religious rituals and mangal work. With his/her courage and skill, the possibilities of getting special promotions to the native and allowing the use of privileges will be strengthened.
Health: It will be necessary to pay attention to safety and disciplined routine from infection, it will be beneficial to take care of safety and caution from injuries and sudden crises. Care must also be taken in heart related diseases.
Business and Property: The next year will usher in a new and new morning and the old blockages and incompleteness will be recorded in history. Ascendant does not want to unturn any stone.
Family: From the child side, you will get a pleasant result, excellent behavior and the melodious sound of the anthem will be broadcast in the family. There will be no reduction in power.

  • Chanting Ganapati mantra and Vishnu Sukta will be fruitful.
  • Mata Lakshmi and Venus mantras will be beneficial for prosperity.
  • Donation of flour and rice on Friday will be useful.

General: The present conditions of planet transits will lead the Ascendant to provide special support and a new direction to the society and for leadership. Due to creativity and action, positive and public utility work will provide special satisfaction in odd situations. The naïve will be able to keep a special influence on enemies but in daily life, situations of struggle are created and due to ideological conflict, the crisis of adverse conditions arise, but due to special tips, the people will be able to establish their influence.
Health: The sum of physical beauty and attainment of good health is being formed. Despite these, It will be necessary to pay attention to safety and disciplined routine from infection and required health care products need to be used for lungs & stomach safety & security.
Business and property: Ascendant will travel extensively and establish new units for promotion of business units / related jobs and wealth which create a new foundation of growth. Ascendant need not to take any risk in gambling, daily trading and carefully choose financial instruments for growth of the individuals and business units.
Family: Ascendant will get complete happiness of mother, land and house. There will be some differences with the father, but the circumstances will be favorable. The female side will face a special crisis.

  • Chanting Hanuman mantra and Shiv Chalisa will be fruitful.
  • Donations of mustard oil lamp, urad, sesame and iron material and worship of Shani / Bhairav dev will be effective.

General: The year will start with a positive outlook and will be able to execute the action plans with zeal and confidence to quickly complete the damage caused by the effects of the epidemic. The native will have to control the circumstances by presenting patience and skill in the crisis time and avoid thinking overly confident, confused and decide on the ground level of reality. The completion of your ambition is also the sum of happiness. Due diligence and balanced life will lead to encouraging results in the first two quarters of the year. With the help of economical advice and planning of the economic side will be appropriate. Necessary expenditure will be incurred on pilgrimage and visits to higher education.
Health: It will be necessary to pay attention to safety and disciplined routine from infection, it will be beneficial to take care of safety and caution from injuries and sudden crises. Care must also be taken in heart related diseases.
Business and property: Ascendant will get a good response on his / her investment and if these are related to real estate or relevant then they may recover their previous losses and plan for a new set up. The outcomes of their efforts will be seen in the second / third quarter of the year. Peace and harmony will reflect good responses in a year.
Family: It would be appropriate to take the problems of the child side and their health seriously.It will be good to maintain peace in the family, take decisions with the consent of all and check the health of the life partner.

  • The native should give food to the birds, milk to the swan and donate warm clothes to the needy.
  • Regular worship of Goddess Bhagwati and Lord Shri Ganesh will be beneficial.
  • On Tuesday, Hanuman Ji philosophy and offerings will be a growth factor in the distribution effect.

General: The people will be able to build and buy their shelter, interest in social work will increase and there is also the possibility of increasing prestige. Ascendant focus will be on adding the materials of luxury and decoration of the house and for that, due diligence and economic planning will be of special importance. Freedom from obstacles and crisis will not be possible in the year, but despite the delay in work, success will be received. There will be a good chance of fulfillment of political ambition and attainment of a new office. Saturday will be fruitful soon.
Health: Special attention has to be paid to health, disciplining daily routine by taking proper advice for air disorders, arthritis and bone diseases. It will be necessary to pay due attention to immunity and prevention of infection.
Business and property: The naïve may also have to go out in connection with the work and in the meantime it will be beneficial to resort to meditation yoga to avoid the stress and anxiety of running the family responsibilities smoothly.
Family: Maintain peace in the home and do the tasks with the consent of the family, which will be the progress factor.

  • Eating and donating bread made of seven types of grains will be beneficial for you.
  • Donating mustard oil lamps on each Saturday will be beneficial.
  • Donations of mustard oil lamp, urad, sesame and iron material and worship of Shani dev will be effective.
  • Donation of milk mixed water to Pipal and Sunderkand Path & Hanuman Ji darshan in each Saturday will be fruitful.

General: The naïve will achieve mental peace and after a long stirring state will be able to restore the peace system. Accountability will increase and attainment of cooperation from subordinates, officers and friends will be a factor in progress but work load needs to be maintained carefully. People can face problems because of labor issues which reflect delay in work and create pressure in the works. The receipt of good news and mangal gaan may be possible this year. All these activities will increase the expenses part which need to be taken care of. Travelling due to job / business reasons or for higher studies may be possible which will be fruitful but expensive.
Health: Special precautions need to be taken from instantaneous injuries, accidents and air borne problems. Medical treatment / check up of spouses are reflected in the card. Control of potential expenses may be possible due to appropriate measures.
Business and Property: Ascendant will enjoy the year time and book new property as well as renovate old ones or purchase quite old property for resident / business units. They may gain a good amount of money through trading.
Family: Family problems will need to be given due attention, but the atmosphere of dissatisfaction will be a hindrance in achieving the goal. Naïve will enjoy quality time with children.

  • Offer milk mixed water to Lord Shiva on every Monday and donate eatables in the temple.
  • Chanting of Hanuman Chalisa and Saturday fast will be useful for the naïve.
  • Donations of mustard oil lamp, urad, sesame and iron material and worship of Shani dev will be effective.

General: The native of Aquarius will have to start the New Year with the struggles, which will be seen in the job and occupation and may have to face odd economic situations and the expenditure will also remain high, but the enemies will remain in effect. The beginning of the Kumbh festival of 2021 will bring a new example of change for Aquarius and the native will have a strong chance of achieving lost respect and relative economic progress. They will register pleasurable chances of success in the last three quarters after putting directional efforts. Social background and energetic personality will be able to lead the society.
Health: The daily routine has to be disciplined by taking care of infection and safety. Ascendant will have to deal with bone, air disorders and stomach troubles and stomach troubles which need to be taken care of.
Business and Property: You will get the best opportunities to buy new and sell old properties and the present conditions of planet transit will be successful in creating opportunities for business / job growth.
Family: Family cohesion will remain and from the second quarter the totals of new and old ambitions will be reflected.

  • Worship of Lord Shiva and Goddess Bhagwati will create remarkable chances of progress.
  • Chanting of Sunderland and Bajrang Baan on Saturday and Tuesday will be fruitful.
  • Offer blankets to needy people and sesame, udad, and till to pipal and Shani dev on Saturday evening..

General: With the good news, the 2021 debut will prove to be enjoyable and cheerful for the natives. Expected momentum can be seen in the work which has been stalled for a long time, and there will be chances of getting the desired success in the job / business as well. Progress in the economic situation will attract new investment, whose returns will be reflected in the form of vehicles, land, buildings and new industrial units. Mental peace and meaningful efforts will be helpful in fulfilling the ambitions and as a result, travel abroad will be possible.
Health: Accidentally taken decisions will be a loss factor, caution in vehicles etc., high blood pressure, bone diseases and mental disorders can give rise to a permanent problem.
Business and Property: Meaningful diligence and mental concentration will give you new opportunities. In summary, it will prove to be an amazing year.
Family: From a family point of view, this year will be known to be full of responsibilities and to solve problems. There will also be good harmony and respect in the family.

  • Planting, rearing and hari bhakti of banana trees on Thursday will be beneficial.
  • Offering food to the cowries and proper donation will be special fruit.
  • On Saturday it would be good to donate mixed water mixed with milk to the peepal and feed the dog.