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Education - Education gives us knowledge of the world around us and changes it into something better. It develops in us a perspective towards life. It helps us build opinions and have a positive view point. Astrology, Numerology & Vaastu provide guidelines for better education and a better future.

सहसा विदधीत न क्रियामविवेकः परमापदां पदम्।
वृणते हि विमृश्यकारिणं गुणलुब्धाः स्वयमेव संपदः।।

Career - Our work or profession determines the quality of our life and takes up a better part of our lives. Most of the people fall into the category of routine jobs or remain average. Astro helps make a difference in your thinking, attitude and eventually changing your life. While you are surrounded by options; some out of choice and some out of force picking what best holds the key for you. Astrology is a subject that consists of number of belief systems. Picture of your career, business or professional path can be advised by Astro Sciences that benefit individuals.

Wealth/Financial Status - Wealth gives a person flexibility and the ability to affect the world in a number of ways. Wealth gives a person comfort and control, and makes life easier in some ways. However, wealth alone cannot bring true happiness, nor can wealth alone bring true love. Wealth is important for a healthy retirement. Wealth matters because it can enable you to continue to live even if you don’t have a source of income for a while. And what if you want to take a few months off of work to travel? Investments will help you pay for that.

Relationship/Marriage - Marriage is the beginning—the beginning of the family—and is a life-long commitment. It also provides an opportunity to grow in selflessness as you serve your wife and children. Marriage is more than a physical union with or without religion, Marriage benefits society generally because it is associated with stable families.

Health/Safety – Health is a universal desire of human beings. No matter how wealthy or powerful you are, your health, after all, is the most precious thing. Health is not simply a matter of absence of illness. Health means constant challenge. We have seen that illness both mental as well physical have become one of the most basic sufferings that human beings experience in today's time. In seeking to free people from this suffering - Jyotish Vidya or Astrology has always played an important role in health. Using Hindu Vedic Methodology we are able to predict the relation between the mind and body. To let you know that planetary positions can also influence health conditions to a great extent. Health and safety are two words people tend to take rather seriously – and understandably so. They play a vital role in your well-being and overall quality of life.