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Vastu Services

“Vasati iti Vastuhu” – Vastu is because of/for dwelling. “Vastushastra” is the knowledge which discusses the science and technology of dwelling in this Prakruti [Nature/Cosmos-Earth]. This stream of knowledge has the Indian origin.

Vastu Shastra defines and shapes spaces for designing dwellings that are in harmony with the Earth/ Nature, and are beneficial to the mind and body of the persons occupying these houses.

Panch Mahabhoota - Panch Mahabhoota contributes important role for survival & environmental control on our planets. Human bodies & Natural aspect governed by these five elements and they generate scientific affects as well as produce Positive & Negative flow of energy. If equilibrium in between these is broken then it results in a number of issues, but the same can be treated by the use of scientific approach called as a VAASTU.

Panch Mahabhoota Details -

  1. Earth (Prithvi)
  2. Water (Jal)
  3. Fire (Agni)
  4. Air (Hawa)
  5. Space (Aakash)

Earth (Prithvi) : Earth influences all the GOD Creations as it have gravitational & magnetic quality.

Water (Jal) : Water comes after Earth and is equally important because ratio of the Water in Earth & GOD Creations are almost 70% that drive & control flow of energy.

Fire (Agni) : Fire plays a vital role and connected with SUN which is the source of vitality and Strength. Vaastu provides right placement to Fire for maintaining equilibrium among Panch - Mahabhootas.

Air (Hawa) : Air is of equal importance and survival cannot be imagined in its absence. If it has right directions it will create sound effects to the living bodies and create positive Impact & responses.

Space (Aakash) : Space has no limit. Space affects human lives in terms of health, Negativity etc. Vaastu provides solutions for positive energy flow, Air circulation, sufficient availability of light & all other aspects by correct space allotment.

Energy & Principles of Vaastu :

Energy means Shakti available inside of the Pinda / Pind and its relation with external energy. If different forms of energy and their levels are synchronized then human being will get resonant response and miracle happen, all this can be achieved through Vaastu. It is a gift from GOD to human being.

" You are at the center of your being, Who is within or without Vaastu ! Energy is the real form of yourself, The Art of Vastu is to tune with this Energy !!"

Vaastu Shastra is based on two important principles ...

  1. Rotation of the Earth on its axis, and the centrifugal and other forces created by its movements.
  2. Magnetic Property of the Earth and the gravitational and magnetic forces created by the materials inside the Earth.